Here is what’s on tap

Throughout the Buckeye State, our bottled water delivery services are second to none. Our family has been delivering delicious water to Ohio homes and businesses for close to five decades, and we’re still going strong. We offer quality water in different types and sizes, from drinking water to distilled water, and of course, our natural spring water. They are all available in a range of sizes, from 10 ounces to 5 gallons—and everything in between.

Our simple delivery process makes it easy for businesses and homeowners to provide pure, delicious water for their employees and families. After your first water purchase with us, we save your information and can set you up for auto-deliveries and payments or just fulfill a one-time order. Once those details are in place all you have to do is sit back, relax, and wait 48 business hours for your water delivery to arrive at your door! The best part? No contracts. Signed up for auto-delivery, but want to cancel your next month? No problem. Just contact your Account Manager and we’ll cancel your service.

5 Simple Steps to Water Delivery

  1. Choose your water products through our shop page and add your favorite items to your shopping cart
  2. Choose your delivery frequency and date. Remember, we only deliver M-F. Frequencies include monthly, every 2 weeks (for businesses only), and will call (as-needed).
  3. Checkout using your handy debit or credit card (we do have more options for businesses after the initial order)
  4. Meet your Account Manager and finish setting up your account with us
  5. Enjoy the purist water within 48 business hours!

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Our 5-Step Fresh Water Process

  1. First, the water passes through five micro filters.
  2. It then travels through carbon filters.
  3. Reverse osmosis takes place before sending the water through eight different filters at high pressures, a process that removes any impurities.
  4. The water once again passes through a carbon filter before being placed in a storage tank.
  5. Finally, ozonation is injected to illuminate the growth of any bacteria.

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