Bottle-less Water Cooler

Our point-of-use filtration water coolers are equipped with self-contained filters so you can get great-tasting water from your own water system. They’re available in hot and cold or cook and cold models. Designed with an attractive rounded cabinet and fluted front, our bottleless water coolers are a convenient solution for the workplace, and they offer several important advantages:

  • Quality water: An inline water filtration system from Magnetic Springs eliminates any contaminants from your tap or well—without removing the minerals, which are vital for optimal health.
  • Convenience: With an inline filtration system, no one in the office has to lift heavy bottles, monthly deliveries are eliminated, and storage challenges are a thing of the past.
  • Technology: Thanks to the state-of-the-art technology in our water coolers, you will have the ability to remove specific water contaminants from your source water.

The installation of your bottleless water cooler is easy and can be arranged to accommodate your schedule. A delivery representative will visit your location to make sure you have water line access before installing and connecting the unit. He or she will also review the benefits and features, answer any questions, and review your contract, product descriptions, pricing and promotional plans. You will receive a reminder call the day before your initial setup.