Water Softener for Columbus, Ohio

If you live in an area where hard water is a problem, you’ll be glad to learn that Magnetic Springs delivers water softener salt to residents throughout the state of Ohio. Simply let us know how much salt you need for your water softener tank, and our drivers will deliver it to your home within 24 to 48 hours. Water softener salt is an effective way to remove the minerals found in hard water. Not only does the salt extend the life of your water pipes, but everything from dishes to laundry will be cleaner and brighter. Trust us to deliver your Columbus water softener today!

Types of Water Softeners

Red Salt Water Softener

Formulated for use where iron content in water is high.

-Uniquely compacted shape for extra hardness.
-Minimum 99.8% pure salt.
-Virtually 100% water-soluble.
-FDA approved additive helps prevent rust stains on laundry, fixtures, sinks, tubs and is considered non-toxic to bacteria in septic tanks.
-Reduces rust build-up and keeps water conditioning units running longer.
-Minimizes mushing and bridging

White Salt Water Softener

Uniquely compacted shape for extra hardness

-Typically 99.8% pure salt
-Virtually 100% water-soluble, minimizing the need for brine tank cleanout
-Can be used in any water conditioning unit
-Helps prevent mushing, bridging and channeling
Designed to keep softeners clean and trouble-free