Water Softener Installation Columbus OH

Enjoy Your New Water Softener

The minerals in hard water can make cleaning more difficult, reduce the efficiency of your appliances, and affect the taste of your drinking water. Having a water softener installed is a great way to improve the water in your home. Magnetic Springs offers a variety of water softeners to fit the different water needs of Columbus OH homes as well as a free water testing service and expert installation service for your new water softening system. Contact us to learn more about our water softeners and having a new system installed.

Professional Installation for Quality Water Systems

Having your new water softener professionally installed ensures your system is hooked up correctly and working properly. The experts at Magnetic Springs offer helpful customer service to ensure you have the right system picked out and installed so you can feel confident it will meet your family’s needs.

Our Process

Before new systems are installed, we start with a free water test. This free analysis evaluates the mineral content in your home’s water to help us determine which system is best for your house. When we know the level of minerals present in your water, we can recommend specific systems based on your softening and purification needs. We’ll explain the differences between the systems and help you make your selection. You’re welcome to hook up your new water softener on your own or have our professionals install it for you to free up your time. We can also deliver salt for the water system to your home within 48 hours of you placing your order, and we offer a repair service for a water system from Magnetic Springs.

Find the Right Water Softener for Your Columbus OH Home

Choosing a water softener designed to meet the specific needs of your Columbus, OH home is crucial. Our free water test helps in identifying the right water system for you. After the free analysis, we’ll provide a narrowed list of systems and discuss the reasons why each could be the right fit for your home. Once you’ve selected your new system, we will set up a date and time to have it installed.

How Water Systems Work

Different types of water softeners work differently to remove the minerals like calcium and magnesium found in hard water. The best choice for your home will depend on your specific soft water needs.

Commonly, systems feature a water softener tank and a brine tank. The water in your home enters the water softener tank, which contains negatively charged resin beads along the interior. These beads attract the positively charged minerals and separate them from the rest of the water in a process called ion exchange. This process is different from reverse osmosis, which occurs when water is forced through a permeable membrane that traps contaminants. The softened water can then be used throughout the home for drinking, cleaning, and more.

When the resin beads become excessively coated with mineral deposits, they will stop attracting minerals and the tank will need to be cleaned. Salt from the brine tank is pulled into the softener tank to clean the resin beads. This water is then disposed of, and the system returns to softening your home’s water.

Another type of water softener is an electronic water conditioning system, which uses electricity instead of resin beads or salt. Water entering your home flows through a magnetic field, which alters the chemistry of the water to prevent mineral deposits from building up inside your home’s plumbing.

Softening,Conditioning and Purification Systems

Magnetic Springs offers high-quality Fusion2 water softeners, water filtration systems, and water conditioning systems that are perfect for home drinking water systems and other water systems in your house.

Brine cabinet softeners provide soft water and a sleek, compact appearance. The LED screen and push-button programing make these systems easy to set up, and you can access the brine valve to service it without having to take apart the entire device.

Intelogic Ultra is a fully electronic ion exchange water conditioner with brining that can be set to a meter or timer and the option of multiple cycles. Excelclear supports deionization with mixed bed systems and helps reduce contaminants.

The Fusion2 Chemical-Free Paterson Iron Remover injects air into your water to oxidize and remove iron and work against iron staining and rust – no chemicals necessary.

The Waterite F Series automatic control valve is durable, easily accessible for when you need to service it, and an important part of Fusion2 conditioners and filters.

At Magnetic Springs, we also offer a variety of filter options. The MTM and Manganese Greensand filters are ideal for removing high levels of manganese, iron, and hydrogen sulphide from water. Some multi-media filters and special filters use sand, gravel, and crushed aggregate to filter water and reduce suspended particles. Others use acid washed activated carbon filters to reduce chlorine, odors, particulate, and more.

Don’t Settle for Hard Water

Hard water is water that has higher levels of mineral deposits like magnesium and calcium than other water, called soft water. Whether you have hard water or soft water largely depends on the location of your home. Magnetic Springs can test your water for free to determine the mineral level. Hard water can be difficult to work with, as it leaves mineral deposits on your skin and hair when you shower, on your dishes when you wash them, and on the inside of your home’s plumbing. High levels of calcium also cause soap scum to form when the calcium reacts with soap, which can make it take longer to wash objects in your home.

Fortunately, water softeners reduce the mineral deposits in your water so you can enjoy water that’s easier to clean with. When soft water is used in your drinking water systems, it can also make your drinking water taste better. Contact the experts at Magnetic Springs to learn more about our water softeners and having one installed.

Benefits of Water Softeners

Having a new soft water system installed in your Columbus, OH home offers plenty of benefits, including lower energy bills, easier cleaning, tastier water, and more.

Save Money

Hard water can create a layer of mineral deposits on the inside of your plumbing and hot water tank when it is heating, causing your equipment to be less efficient and raising your energy bills. Softening systems can help prevent this from happening. Soft water also works better with laundry detergent, so you need less of it than you do when washing clothes with hard water, saving you money on detergent.

Easier Cleaning and Tastier Beverages

The minerals in hard water can make clean dishes look hazy or spotted. Washing with soft water helps prevent mineral buildup so your clean dishes actually look clean. Showering with soft water also leaves your skin feeling softer, as there are fewer minerals to dry out your skin, and promotes a balanced pH level in your hair to help it look nice. When you wash clothes with soft water instead of hard water, you’re helping them get clean and feel soft by avoiding excess minerals that can dry out the fabrics.

Making your drinking water free of minerals also improves the flavor of the water. It also helps prevent coffee makers from developing a buildup of mineral deposits, which impacts the flavor of the coffee.

Schedule Your Free Columbus, OHWater Test

Installing a new soft water system is easy with professional service from Magnetic Springs in Columbus, OH. Contact us today for our free water testing service, to learn more about our water system setup service, and to hear about our other water purification options and bottled water delivery service.