Home Water Delivery

Delivering water to your home has never been easier. Here’s how to get started in 4 simple steps:

  • Choose your products through our Shop page and add those items into your shopping cart

  • Choose your delivery date (M-F) and frequency (i.e. monthly, or as-needed, a.k.a. “will call”)

  • Checkout (credit or debit card, please)

  • Meet your Account Manager

  • Enjoy delicious water for your home within 48-business hours

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Helpful Tips to Get Started

  • What should I get?

    We offer a variety of products for your home, including: Water (Bottled and jugs from 10 oz to 5 gallons) Coffee & Tea (including k-cups, creamers, and Starbucks options) Salt Water Softener (for those of you with hard water) Water Equipment (i.e. water coolers and more)
  • How does delivery work?

    You can choose your delivery date based on your schedule. Has to be Monday-Friday. For our home water delivery services, you must choose a monthly delivery option or will call, which is at an as-needed basis. Once your order is placed, your water (or other products) will be delivered within 48 business hours.
  • Payment method

    We take credit or debit card only
  • What if I have questions?

    After you successfully complete your online order, an Account Manager will email and call you to verify your delivery details and will be more than happy to answer any other questions you may have.

Home water delivery: the healthy choice

For starters, water helps your body maintain a fluid balance, which is good for transporting nutrients. People who drink bottled water on a regular basis often experience increased levels of energy and mental alertness. Here are some additional health benefits to having a water cooler in your home:

  • No chemicals: Unlike tap water, the water you select from Magnetic Springs has nutrients that contribute to healthy blood and oxygen levels. We use ozonation to purify our water—without losing the healthy nutrients. Most tap water relies on chlorine to clean the contaminated water in urban areas. Our bottles are BPA-free, and our water is certified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Safe Quality Food Institute (SQF).
  • Healing properties: Minerals such as lithium, calcium and magnesium, which are found in spring water, are considered to be good for your health. Without the proper levels of calcium, for instance, the risk for certain health problems increases, such as hypertension, kidney stones, osteoporosis and colon cancer. Finally, sulphur, which is also in spring water, has a therapeutic effect on skin diseases and infections such as psoriasis and dermatitis.
  • Toxin removal: Looking for a detoxification agent? Bottled water flushes out the toxins in your body while simultaneously helping to protect and restore your immune system.

Water types for home delivery

The water we make available for home delivery comes in four types: drinking water, natural spring water, distilled water and Mountain Valley Spring Water. We’ve developed a reverse osmosis process that de-ionizes for maximum purification, resulting in the best-tasting drinking water you can find. If spring water delivery is your preference, you will experience the added benefits of a water source that is rich in healthy minerals like calcium, lithium and magnesium. In some instances, however, distilled water may be the most sensible choice because it is purified in a rigorous distillation process that eliminates any contaminants and natural minerals. Buy Now

Mountain Valley Spring Water

Magnetic Springs is a distributor of Mountain Valley Spring Water, which is bottled in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Available in various glass and plastic bottle options, this premium all-natural American spring water is sodium-free and naturally alkaline, and it comes straight from a majestic natural spring in the heart of the Ouachita Mountains. Health-conscious individuals love Mountain Valley’s high alkalinity, natural ionization and rich mineral content. With this much purity, it’s no wonder many chefs and food aficionados prefer it. Buy Now