The Science Behind Perfectly Balanced Ph Levels In Drinking Water

Why pH Levels Matter in Drinking Water

When measuring water quality and water’s pH level we’re determining the level of alkaline concentration and concentration of acidity. pH levels and water quality may not be something we think about every day, but pH in drinking water plays an important role in our health. Our bodies naturally regulate the balance of pH in our systems, but paying attention to what we consume may provide health benefits. The pH of our blood is not likely to change rapidly or very much if one’s kidneys are working properly. Overall it’s important to note that microbial activity, nutrients, and functions in our bodies may be impacted by pH levels. We believe that understanding and monitoring the pH level of drinking water is extremely important and have included this in our water purification process.

Water’s Ideal pH Levels for Drinking 

Water that is perfectly pure will register as a 7 on the pH scale. In the United States the recommendation for drinking water is somewhere between 6.5 and 8.5. on the pH scale. While many don’t have a preference, some find they prefer drinking water in the higher range of the recommended pH range. When measured alkaline water is usually close to 8 pH. While some make claims that high pH drinking water has major health benefits this hasn’t been scientifically proven. Generally speaking, even when water is higher than 8 pH it should be safe to drink, but isn’t considered ideal for long-term consumption. Water delivered from Magnetic Springs is consistently within the ideal range and is purified to be completely safe. 

Understanding the pH Water Scale

pH is a scale used to measure the potential of hydrogen in water. This pH scale helps scientists understand the amount of hydrogen ions present and is measured on a scale that ranges from 0-14. Any water meant for drinking that reads lower than a 7 on the pH scale is considered to be acidic water. Any drinking water that is above a 7 on the pH scale is considered alkaline water. The concentration of alkaline in drinking water will also measure the level of resistance the water has to change. The buffering capacity of alkaline water makes it far more resistant to changes in acidity; The higher the drinking water on the pH scale is, the more resistant it will be to changes. Oftentimes common foods and household items approximated and referenced on pH scales to provide a clear understanding. On the pH scale vinegar measures 2 pH, soda 2.5 pH, milk around 6.5 pH, blood near 7.4 pH, and bleach at 12. 

The Impact of pH scale on Drinking Water

The pH drinking water can impact the water quality in a few different ways. When drinking acidic water people often describe the taste as metallic, sour, or generally just unappealing. Some also report high pH drinking water to have an unpleasant odor making drinking the water less appealing. Drinking water that has a pH number outside of a normal range may have water quality issues and could even cause safety concerns. Acidic water lower than 6.5 on the pH scale may allow for pollutants or contaminants to be present. In the United States, guidelines set by the EPA state that tap water should have a pH between 6.5 and 8.5.

Alkaline Water

Alkaline water is water that registers above an 8 on the pH scale. Alkaline water has a high concentration of alkalizing minerals. Alkaline water often includes trace elements and minerals like Magnesium, Potassium, Bicarbonate, and Calcium. 

The minerals that exist in alkaline water can cause scale build-up in the plumbing of a home and household appliances. This is a common issue with coffee brewers, kettles, and other appliances. Alkaline water can have an impact on the flavor of certain foods and is known to cause coffee to taste bitter. 

Health Claims of Alkaline Water

While some make claims stating that alkaline water, or water with higher than normal pH can have many health benefits, there is no conclusive evidence to substantiate these claims at this time. Drinking water within the normal range of pH levels is perfectly safe if coming from a source with good water quality.

Acidic Water

Water that registers below 6.5 on the pH scale is considered to be acidic water. The water of this pH level commonly tastes metallic or even sour and is reported to be unpleasant when drinking. Acidic water can cause a reaction with clothing and alter the coloration of the fabric. Water with a very low pH level can also cause issues with corrosion in your home’s plumbing. It is common to find copper, zinc, manganese, iron, and even lead in tap water with that acidic of pH levels. 

Contaminated Water

Drinking water with a higher acidity creates an environment in which many unhealthy bacteria, illnesses, and diseases can thrive in. When the pH value of drinking water is measured and we find the pH of the water to be off balance it is almost always too acidic. One of the concerns with overly acidic water is that the pH levels aren’t balanced and the acidic water is contaminated. Clean water that has been purified isn’t specifically dangerous just because it has a low pH reading, however, in some situations, it can be cause to investigate the source of the water, especially if coming from a tap. 

Is Unbalanced pH Water Dangerous?

Generally, there is only cause for concern if the pH balance of water is lower than 6.5 When the pH level of drinking water is so low it can leach harmful metals from pipes and enter into your drinking water. There is some room for concern when the pH level of any water you plan on drinking is too acidic. The more acidic the pH of the water, the more risk there is for contaminants and unhealthy trace elements. If you’re drinking purified drinking water it’s likely the pH levels are within an acceptable range. Alkaline water, or any drinking water reading higher than normal pH can cause skin and eye irritations if exposed to it frequently. This side effect is more common in pools. 

Impact pH has on Water

The general consensus is that drinking water with a lower pH level tastes more acidic and is less pleasant. When water meant for drinking has a higher pH level, the water will contain more trace minerals which adds a slight flavor that many people prefer. While we often speak about pH levels of drinking water, pH can be measured in foods, cleaning supplies, and more. Too low or too high of pH levels will cause dishes to taste too salty or bitter. 

Drinking Water Quality

A home water analysis can help you determine both the water quality and the pH levels of your tap water. The intense water filtration process that our water goes through at Magnetic Springs controls mineral content and removes impurities that many water filter and purification systems cannot. Because of this, we alter the pH level of our water to be within the ideal range. To provide high-quality drinking water to our customers our filter and purification process has 5 unique stages of purification. Drinking Magnetic Springs water is both a delicious and healthy option that is accessible for both commercial buildings and homes. If you have concerns about the pH levels in your home tap water Magnetic Springs can provide purified water for drinking in your home that is always safely within the ideal pH range.

Our Water Filtration Process for High-Quality Water

Our water goes through 5 stages of filtration in order to create perfectly balanced drinking water. We remove impurities, ozonate, purify, filter, and control the mineral content all to ensure that Magnetic Springs water is perfect for drinking. 

Magnetic Springs Water Services

Magnetic Springs provides easy-to-use subscription services for home or office delivery. Having fresh, purified drinking water delivered regularly keeps your family or office team drinking more water every day. We’ve simplified the ordering process to make it as seamless as possible allowing our customers to make adjustments to their delivery without any hassle. Our company offers bottled water, mineral water, water softeners, and water cooler refill services. 

Water Delivered to Your Home

Depending on factors like the age of your home and the area you live in, the pH balance of the tap water may not be within the ideal range, and it may have harmful trace elements in it like lead. With our home delivery service we are bringing drinking water straight to our customer’s homes to ensure their family is drinking high-quality, purified water. You can also eliminate using single-use bottled water from your home by getting a cooler installed that can be refilled regularly. 

Working with a Local Water Provider 

As a local company providing water for homes and businesses throughout Central Ohio we strongly believe in building up our own community. Through lasting relationships and quality customer-service we make sure our customers are always drinking the best water. We provide order deliveries in 48 hours or less. With an established relationship with our customers, we make it easy for you to alter your orders and customize services. 

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