Water Coolers

If you’re a business in need of a suitable solution to promote health and hydration on the job, look no further than our convenient water coolers. These coolers dispense hot, cold or room-temperature drinking water that’s also great for making coffee, soup or other food items. Our robust bottle water dispenser features a stainless tank and a one-piece blow molded cabinet in black or white.

We also offer durable but lightweight horizontal and vertical storage racks to house your water bottles. This allows for easy access to newly delivered Magnetic Springs water, ensuring that your water supply never runs low. Our water cups, which can be ordered online, are available in several shapes and sizes:

  • 12-ounce paper cups
  • 8- and 12-ounce Styrofoam cups
  • 5-ounce paper cone cups
  • 7-ounce flat bottom plastic cups
  • 8- and 12-ounce cup lids

You already know that our water dispensers are a convenient choice for busy offices, workplaces and households. You may not know, however, that our exceptional customer service is unmatched in the industry. We’re local, so you never have to wait long for us to arrive.